Each sword implies a story, they are artifacts of an ancient tradition tying us to the past and suggesting the mythical.

I make swords that are beautiful, durable, and well balanced. Using time consuming techniques like hand filing, pattern-welding, and carving, allows me to produce more precise authentic work.

Mono-steel blades are made of tough high carbon steel like 1075 and 1084, and pattern-welded blades are forged from a combination of 1075/8670m or 15n20/1084. Sometimes I make blades from hand-made materials like wootz, bloomery steel, and hardened bronze.

The heat-treating techniques I use for hardening and tempering my swords are a combination of historical research and state of the art metallurgy. I harden my blades by quenching in heated canola oil from 1500 degrees Fahrenheit. I then reduce the stress in the hardened blade by triple tempering at between 475 and 500 degrees for three cycles of 1 hour each. Before hardening my blades I relieve the stress in the steel by doing a triple descending normalization cycle.

Fittings for the swords and scabbards are meticulously hand-crafted in bronze using a 5700 year old precision casting process called cire perdue.

Carefully selected arcane woods are used for the grips and scabbards, including beech, birch, figured maple, ironwood, blackwood and ancient bog oak. I also use fine hand processed vegetable tanned leather on scabbards and for leather wrapped grips.

The swords pictured on this page are examples of  previous works, each piece is one of a kind and made entirely by hand.


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