Dagfinnr – Day Finder — Dragon Slayer’s Sword


Dragonslayer’s Sword — Dagfinnr

This is a dragon slayer’s sword, it represents years of research into myth and Germanic material culture and is the culmination of a 20 year career as a swordsmith.

The blade is constructed from two nine layer twisted strands in the core and an edge of over 600 layer folded steel.

In the world of night, in the darkest places, this sword will find the light; it’s name— Dagfinnr – Day Finder.



hilt – bronze, blackwood

blade -pattern welded 1075/8670m

scabbard – quilted maple wood lined with

sheered sheep fleece, bronze.

overall length- 113cm / 44.5″

width at the strong- 5cm / 2″

blade length- 93cm / 36.6″

hilt length- 20cm / 7.9″

weight- 1548g / 3.4lbs


serious inquiries contact: Jake Powning



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