Tveirhrafnr — Two Ravens


Tveirhrafnr – 2010

This is a dirk I made in 2010 depicting the ravens Huginn and Muninn from Norse myth sitting at the base of the world tree.

OAL – 13″

Blade – 8 1/2″

Hilt – 4 1/2″

The blade is forged from 600 layer 1075/8670m steel, the fittings are sterling silver with a 600 layer steel pommel nut. The scabbard is carved from curly maple and lined with sheered sheep fleece with sterling silver fittings. The grip depicts two ravens with their wings intertwined and a tree with the roots curling around to form a knot-work.
In Norse mythology, the god Odin has two ravens named Huginn (thought) and Muninn (the one who remembers). “Two ravens sit on his shoulders and whisper all the news that they see and hear into his ear; they are called Huginn and Muninn.” – Gylfaginning 37

The ancient peoples of Europe viewed the cosmos as being encompassed within the roots and branches of a giant tree called Yggdrasil (the horse of the terrible one [Odin]). The tree represents an immutable structure that is connected with the idea of Wyrd (Fate) and is more permanent and profound than gods or men. Similar to the Hindu concept of Brahman, the world tree unites all things and endures the destruction of the nine worlds at Ragnarok to re-emerge refreshed.

Here are some images of the process of making this piece, and me in the midst of one of my Gandalf-beard attempts.

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Jake Powning

Jake is a professional swordsmith, artist, and writer who explores the strange place where traditional culture and the land meet.


  1. Need to get a contact number!! I really love your work and am very interested in getting a few pieces.

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