Here is a list of friends and inspirers. Most I know personally, a few only through their work, but each has spoken to me through their creations, I hope they speak to you too.


Allen Williams—illustrator and concept artist behind the monsters in Pacific Rim and Noah. He is a master of pencil drawings that blend the natural and the unsettling.

Ari Berk— Writer, folklorist, artist, and scholar of literature, iconography, and comparative myth. Author of many wonderful books.

Art of Swords— tumbler that features wonderful swords old and new.

Charles Vess — Illustrator, sharer of wisdom and wonder, illustrated and co-imagined “Stardust” with Neil Gaiman.

Dave Stephens— Alaskan swordsmith and scholar. The force behind “Arctic Fire”.

David DelaGardelle— Swordsmith and concept designer.

E.C. Steiner — Alchemical Artist, Errant Decadent & Purveyor of Lygophilous Dreams.

Elias Sideris — Mindful adventurer, student, smith, blogger.

Holly Black — Best selling author of many books including the “Spiderwick Chronicles”. She knows the dark faeries, and goblins with broken glass teeth.

J. Arthur Loose— Skald, ringmaker, bladesmith.

Jake Cleland— Scottish bladesmith and philosopher, has a cat-familiar and a seagull. His work combines Celtic and Japanese aesthetics.

James Austine— Viking Axe-smith and blacksmith.

Jeff Helmes— Swordsmith, creating complex pattern-welded blades.

Jeff Pringle— Swordsmith, scholar, restorer of ancient objects, possibly a dark elf from an alternate dimension, owns a unicorn skull.

Jim Kelso— Master artisan, netsuke carver, and deep one.

John Howe— Oscar winning concept artist behind “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit” movies, illustrator, and friend to trees.

Josh Burrell— Hereditary Leicestershire blacksmith, bladesmith, gentleman.

M.T.Anderson — “Fear is like happiness, but the smile is wider.”

Owen Bush— Blacksmith, swordsmith, engineer, teacher, british TV expert on all things pattern welded and blade related.

Patric Barta— Master swordsmith.

Peter Johnsson— Master swordsmith, designer, illustrator, contemporary artist and scholar.

Petr Florianek— Designer, seaxsmith, scholar, if he was much shorter he could be a real dwarf.

Rachel M. Bray— Contemporary artist, phantasmagorical pencil drawings.

Richard Furrer— Swordsmith and forger of the ulfburt sword, propriotor of a splendid beard.

Rima Staines— Illustrator and performer.

Rob Miller— Swordsmith on the isle of Skye.

Ulric Hennicke— Bladesmith.

Wulfheodenas— Anglo Saxon re-enactment group based in Britain.

Zdzisław Beksiński— Painted nightmares.

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